29 definitions by Bex

To broadcast information to a specific group of people
The web site narrowcast information about their product to everyone on their mailing list
by Bex October 11, 2003
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Man, those hobbits are just the hottest thing to hit Middle Earth since the Dwarves!
by Bex October 11, 2003
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PHUNKY derived from FUNKY, funky being an old 70's word has now been re-vamped to mean the same thing but now in punk/skater terms. Used if you think somethings good/cool.
Dude, your music's phunky!
by Bex December 21, 2003
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97% of the people in Utah.

.003% of the people anywhere else.

These really really nice, clean-living people who believe some pretty weird stuff.
"Well I usually try to be good, but I'm no Mormon"
by Bex October 11, 2003
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A big ol' bag to put all your junk in.
She pulled three chairs and a table lamp out of her catchall.
by Bex October 11, 2003
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The charva seems to have evolved slightly ( only very slightly, they still resemble sub-intelligent ape like species). Where we used to see the various coloured berghauses with the odd 'tab' burn now we see the Meria peak. It seems as though in charva land this is this season's must have. Unfortunately it only comes in 4 colours leadding to every fourth charva wearing an identical coat. This teamed with the old uniform of Henry Lloyd jumpers, knock-off burberry hats and rockports with strange reflective edging all adds up to pretty bad reading for all us goths, skaters, grungies or just normal people as it seems that rather than dieing out as a species charvas seem to be progressing. Well we can but hope, after all, the dinosaurs died out and they weren't exactly pretty either.
by Bex October 27, 2003
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Another way for saying Bye Bye/ Buh Bye

First started out being said just to a guy, but now is used for both sexes
EX 1:

Sexybia1337:g2g mike, Buh boiz!
Fr0gThe2:Bye hun (btw this is actually his s/n and he did say hun to me!)

EX 2:
Buh boiz chicka, thanks for helping me put shit on mike's front door.
by Bex December 29, 2004
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