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97% of the people in Utah.

.003% of the people anywhere else.

These really really nice, clean-living people who believe some pretty weird stuff.
"Well I usually try to be good, but I'm no Mormon"
by Bex October 11, 2003

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There are several definitions of Skank

1) To skank-verb-A dance to be preformed ONLY to ska, usually involving kicking your legs, andmoving your arms.
2)A term commmonly use to refer to a young woman (or sometimes male) describing un hygenic habits, very little clothing and usually hints at that they are "easy"
3) When you inhale Marijuana
4) When something is taked without paying, either stolen or given to for free (when not deserved)
1) My friends and i went to a ska concert and we were totally skankin!!!
2) person1: See her over there?
person2:Ya! She like never bathes or takes showers!!!
Person1: And she'll open her legs to any guy that walks by!!! She's SUCH a skank!!
3) Last night at Bob's party, there were so many people,and we were all skanking weed...
4) Hey! He totally skanked themoney off of his mom!!!
by Bex December 03, 2003

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Someone who tries to live by the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful-sounding concepts.

Someone who kinda does their own thing and as a consequence has a kinda weird fashion sense
"I got this really bohemian vintage dress from the thrift shop"
by Bex October 11, 2003

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An objest used for one of the greatest sports ever...SNOWBOARDING. Whether your're carving down a steep mountain side, ripping up the park with insane mad shit, just cruising or a beginner...Once you go Board you never go back.
I have a snowboard.
by Bex December 03, 2003

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1)Slipknot is a band that originated out of Iowa, and has 9 members. Despite what some people think, Slipknot is VERY far from Death metal, Black metal and is not metal, either. DEFINETLY NÜ-METAL!!! Still good though.
2)A type of knot used to either hang yourself, “strap” your arm while injecting a form of narcotic or to tie something
1) So and so listened to Slipknot last night, and heard the major KoRn influences in certain songs
2)She used a Slipknot
by Bex December 03, 2003

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A bloke who knows exactly what he's doing and lets you cum first!
by Bex July 30, 2003

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1. a loud explosive noise
2. to have sex with
3. to long bits of hair at the front of your hair, like a fringe, that cover your face or curve around your face
1. a firework bangs
2. he bangd her all night
3. she needs to grow out her bangs
by Bex September 19, 2004

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