Any socially-unconvential lifestyle, esp. sexual. Includes but is not restricted to describing gay lifestyles.
Swinging is an alternative lifestyle.
To Meg, Goth was more than just an attitude, it was whole alternative lifestyle.
by md April 3, 2003
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He lives an alternative lifestyle *cough* hes gay *cough*
by three_sixteen February 14, 2003
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alternative lifestyle haircut (n) – A haircut or style that indicates its owner leads a life contrary to that of the conservative or heterosexual world. Also known as “the significant lesbian haircut,” the acquiring of an alternative lifestyle haircut is often seen as a rite of passage into lesbian adulthood, even if it is not maintained after the initial cut. Like a bat mitzvah, but on your head. Examples include: the mohawk, the fauxhawk, the mullet, the sidesweep, and the Tegan and Sara.

The term was coined by and has since become a common collloquialism.
1.) Jess just came out and, after going to her first Tegan and Sara concert, got an alternative lifestyle haircut similar to Tegan's.

2.) Once Leah added an alternative lifestyle haircut to her outfit composed of American Apparel and a skinny tie, she became infinitely more attractive.
by udddddd April 25, 2010
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fag hag fruit fly

The politically correct way of saying fag hag or fruit fly.
Girl 1: "Oh, SQUEE! Look at those two guys kissing!"
Girl 2: "You, my friend, are certifiably an obsessed alternative lifestyle companion.'
by MightyMaeve July 31, 2008
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