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A person from the Kingdom of Bohemia...

The Kingdom of Bohemia was established september 26 1212.
the lands that were once known as Bohemia are now known as the Czech Republic.

the "bohemians" that were the 'different' artists/poets of 19th century france were simply called that because the french in thier infinite ignorance assumed that gypsy people came from the Kingdom of Bohemia... not even true anyway.
-how can you call yourself Bohemian? your wearing a dress suit and couldn't paint your way out of a wet paper bag...

-my family left the Kingdom of Bohemia for America 130 years ago
by BiggerZ May 15, 2008

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the stale smoke still caught, weather its a bong, a pipe, a GB, a third lung, a hookah... its all death

also known as ghostie
-Dude! don't pass me that death! clear that shit you pussy.

-*cough*cough* *cough* sorry... ill try to take it like a man next time.
by BiggerZ May 19, 2008

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