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Noun, acronym for Bit Of A Twat.

In order to convey degree of twatness, one may use other marine vessels of varying sizes.
The range spans from "dinghy" to oil "tanker"
"Don't you think Toby is a boat?"
"Charlie can be a real ship sometimes."
by TheJake&CharlieSquad February 23, 2015
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A euphemism for the vulva, derived from the shape of this beautiful part of a woman's anatomy, the 'prow' being the clitoris, and the 'stern' the anus.
At the squash club, Samantha and Claire are having coffee after a hard fought game.

Samantha: "So, how are you and George getting on in the bedroom?! He looks as if he could be quite energetic!"

Diana: "It's OK, there's only one thing I really miss, he won't go down on me, I don't know why."

Samantha: "He won't go down on you? That's cruel - James spends a lot of time kissing my little boat, we both love it. It takes me over the line real easy."

Diana: "Don't remind me - when I was married to Frank he spent so much time down there I thought he must be able to breathe through his ears!"

Samantha: β€œAwesome! That reminds me of the old joke - who would be the perfect lover? Answer - a Frenchman with a 9 inch tongue who can breathe through his ears!”
by Katie4eyes August 12, 2018
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the object that andy samberg is on.
"I'm on a boat (and) its going fast (and) i've got an nautical themed, pashmina afghan"
by andysamberg April 15, 2009
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N. A hole in the water, surrounded by wood, into which money is poured.
Hey Dumbshit AKA Andrew, do you wanna take the boat out this weekend?
by steelheader March 15, 2008
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Something you say when things go your way
Mike: Dude did you just see that, i saved the J from dropping
Kyle: Boats
by Steven Fuelling January 31, 2009
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