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1. Queen Blue. The queen of Fruitdom. Possesses awesome fruit powers and mystical powers of randomness.
2. An expert in Ninja Nonsense.
3. A small berry that grows on a bush and is actually quite purple, in spite of its name.
"Bob knows everything!" ~Queen Blueberry
by Cassiopia&Blue November 29, 2011
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1. The kind of nonsense that jumps out at you when you're not expecting it. Usually from a friend's mouth.
2. Something that shouldn't be funny, but is.
3. Everything that comes out of Blue's mouth.
Blue: I'm going to boil some words and see what happens.
me: What, like alphabet soup?
Blue: Yeah.
me: Maybe you'll get Shakespeare.
Blue: That is some superb Ninja Nonsense right there!

"Nonsense is okay, but sensical nonsense is an extreme form of nonsense. Like Ninja Nonsense!" ~Blueberry

Suicidal sense should be a synonym for Ninja Nonsense. Sense that just kills itself.
by Cassiopia&Blue November 28, 2011
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