Delicious Armenian dish made from bulghur wheat pellets in tomato paste with onion, red and green peppers, parsley and sometimes mint. Sometimes ich is a bit spicy. Pronounced as in the word "each", and sometimes spelled "eech" or "itch".
Ays ich shad lav e! (This "ich" is very good!)
by pentozali August 22, 2008
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Welsh slang word meaning "ugly" (derived from the Welsh word "hyll"). Its pronunciation is the same as the German word ich.

It is commonly used in the Caernarfon area, most frequently by teenagers. It does not always literally mean "ugly", but the meaning can usually be worked out from the context.
"Basdad ich cont!" (Literally: "you ugly bastard, cunt". Used as an expression of annoyance at someone. The addition of cont to the sentence does not change the meaning, but is simply added for no reason by some residents of Caernarfon.)
by jonibach May 27, 2011
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