Basically a balloon but monkeys hate it
Monke 1: i hate bloons Monke 2: A BLOON KILL IT AAAAAAAAAAAAA
by I want cake April 23, 2021
The alter-ego of a balloon, just said, as someone who has a slight hint of tourettes.

Pat: someone in my 3rd hour popped a bloon and i hid under my coat
Pat: balloon*
Pat: im glad i can spell and stuff ;-)
Justin: lol.
Justin: i'm glad too.
Justin: it's the ghetto way.
Pat: hehe
Justin: bloon
Justin: HAHA
Pat: say it out loud
Pat: wow
Justin: BLOOON!
I made the bloon, go POP! So, I scared the living hell out of myself, and Pat. So, he slapped me, and I just smiled.
by Justin W. March 12, 2005
A portmanteau term for "blush" and "swoon," describing the sensation of pleasant, rosy embarrassment one feels upon being given a particularly nice compliment.
When he told me I was the sun and the moon, I couldn't help but bloon.
by sqrrlgrrl November 15, 2017
Term used to define arabian oil farmers that are sexually active.
Wow Ima pull a Bloon today, first- farm this petroleum oil then get laid weekly.
by GucciHector December 3, 2009
When a product similar to a ceramic or plastic cup starts fading to where that ever was in the side looks like it is melted off or faded completely.
"Mom, we need new cups. These ones we have are blooning."
by A prosetegous prophessor October 29, 2009
It's this tower defense game and it is very addicting. You pop the bloons with your weapons of death.
Man I just made it to level 93. Fuckin' Bloons.
by Hank Mcdizzleson July 22, 2011