BFB, or Battle for BFDI (Non-acronym) Its an Inanimate object show created by Micheal Huang and the rest of the BFB crew. BFB is about 64 objects (And 8 teams) battling for "A BFDI." Whatever that is.
Each episode and so, a contest starts and the last team to do so will be up for elimination. There so, viewers behind the screen gets to vote on a contestant that they want to leave BFB. Those contestants get sucked up into EXIT, which is inside the host, Four. This process will continue until there is 1 contestant remaining, or called the winner.
There are so rejoins and debuts which means previous eliminated characters or recommended characters get another chance or a chance to join.

Information much
Me: Have you heard about all the eliminated characters in BFB?
Friend: Yeah, they are all jerks.
Me: Excuse me?
Friend: Yeah. You heard me. They're all jerks.
Me: Dammit dude!
by 0XXN May 21, 2018
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best friend’s brother or battle for BFB
me: Hey bro did you watch the latest bfb episode
friend: yea it was awesome
by fireyfiry September 7, 2020
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Stands for Best Friend's Brother

Abbreviation often used by friends who are in love or who think they are in love with their Best Friend's Brother.
My BFB is the one for me. BFB, BFB!

Cause he's such a dream
And you'd know what I mean
If you weren't related
by BFB Lover June 14, 2011
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BFB, full name Battle for BFDI, fuller name Battle for Battle for Dream Island, is a youtube web series developed by Cary and Michael Huang. 64 inanimate objects compete for, as the name says, A BFDI. Most of them have limbs drawn in adobe animate aka flash and the series is the fourth in the BFDI series.
Guy 1: What's red and cubic and mean?
Guy 2: Mean OXO Cube!
BFB Fan: Blocky!
Guy 1: Oh uh... (checks script) I don't have a response to that...
by Dropped My Idiot July 7, 2019
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Acronym for 'Best Friend's Brother'. Just like in Victorious Justice's song "Best Friend's Brother" where she constantly says "My Best Friend's Brother is the one for me." and then says "BFB!! BFB!!"
"My Best Friend's brother is the one for me! YEAHYEAHYEAH! A Punk rock drummer and he's 6 foot 3! ... BFB! BFB! My best friend's brother, my best friend's brother!"-Victoria Justice
by DipnShablam June 8, 2011
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