when she got a phat booty
*when her booty nice booty*
Me: aye u got the sun and the moon back there?
her: huh?
me: nevamind
by lauls August 18, 2019
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A Really Bad Pickup line in the TV-Series 'Taken'
'Your the Sun and the Moon to me Anne' *kissing?*
by Augurim September 5, 2008
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This is a nickname given to Jimin and Jeongguk, two members of the biggest boy band in the world, BTS. It was given to them by their fanbase in Korea, and in hangul, it is, 해달즈. While Jimin is the moon, Jeongguk is the sun. There is also a double meaning to the hangul, 해달, which means that they resemble otters. Coincidentally, in BTS's 2020 MMA performance, the Black Swan performance began with a sun and moon turning into an eclipse. Jimin and Jungkook danced beautifully together and even added a pas de deux within the choreography. Generally, males and females dance the pas de deux together, so Jimin and Jeongguk broke the gender norms.
sun and moon is such a fitting nickname for jikook.

after watching the black swan performance, the sun and moon duo shook my heart.
by starkm February 22, 2021
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A phrase used to describe the (often romantic) relationship of two characters.

The sun and the moon is used as a metaphor for a relationship pertaining one that is often cheerful, bright, and independent while the latter is more gloomy, soft, and dependent.
The hero and the warrior were like the sun and the moon.
The sun to their moon
The sun and moon danced through true night
by Coffeebirb July 18, 2023
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When you go to high-five someone and the other person goes to pound it and you end up high-fiving that persons fist.
guy 1 Hey man! *goes to high five*

guy 2 Yo what's up? *goes to pound it*

both guys SUN AND MOON!!!!
by who dunit December 25, 2009
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You watch lego monkey kid. you know damn well you only searched this for the irony. You also probably simp for either Swk, Mac, the Mayor, or Azure Lion. you know you do. keys/pos.
The Hero and the Warrior were like the Sun and the Moon. Their light, a protective glow, shining upon the world. Together, there was nothing that could stop the two of them. Either in the Celestial Realms or on Earth. As time went on, the Hero attained power beyond comprehension. As the Hero's light grew, so too did his shadow. And soon, the Warrior was cast in that shadow. In the darkness, the Warrior was forgotten by the Hero.
by Nezha!!!(Marsh) October 10, 2023
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The Alolan region of Pokemon. Gen 7, it looks really cool but what do I know, its only August!
"Have you preordered Pokemon Sun and Moon yet? It looks lit af"
by Saphi Rose August 15, 2016
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