I like bloons is a bloons tower defense youtuber who is known for his Be Like... Series.
Jason: "I just watched I Like Bloons!"
by Not I Like Bloons March 4, 2022
A game made by Ninja Kiwi, which is Bloons TD 6 + Bloons TD Battles combined to take on against your adversaries with hero towers and monkey towers to pop bloons, survive, rush and win games.
"Playing Bloons TD Battles 2 is surely fun and great when it comes to the awesomeness!"
by TestUser999 December 18, 2021
This is a mode in BTD6 that allows you to do whatever you want. Except for summoning the True Vengeful Sun God. NINJA KIWI! PLS LET US SUMMON THE VENGEFUL SUN GOD IN SANDBOX MODE PLSPLSPLS.
Bloons TD 6 Sandbox Mode is a fun mode.
by loloxDlmaorofl June 1, 2021
A fucking horrible game with devs that are lazier than my alcoholic mother. Literally 6 months in and still haven't fixed a bloon send bug since release.
Jimmy said "Have you heard about Bloons TD Battles 2 by Ninja Kiwi"?

Tim said "Oh you mean that motherfucking horrible game made by weed addicts that smoke crack with their mother on a daily basis, ofcourse I have".
by IceManGD May 19, 2022
(plural) mods collectively for Bloons TD Battles.
"I think I should download some Bloons TD Battles Mods because of TrippyPepper."
by Otheruser325 January 15, 2023
A fangame made by Ramaf Party which is basically Bloons but with new upgrades, towers and some other awesomeness to it like new bloons, secret upgrade paths and much more.
"I think I underrate Bloons TD X because this game was well-made and definitely a lot of work put into."
by Otheruser325 January 15, 2023