Blonk is the name of Blackpink immature fans who always messing around and starting a fanwars with other fandoms. Opposite of Blink
Blonk detected

Blonk are so fcking immature
by EW_Meg9 November 28, 2018
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Australian slang for an idiot or really stupid person. One who usually performs acts of stupidity.
Mate, that guy is a total blonk!
by irongron September 21, 2015
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Synonymous with the word 'blink', meaning to open and close an eye. Only this kind of blink is detrimental. Performing this action could mean that one would miss when peak oil ends, when governments change, when homes become hotels, or when giants merge. In other words, you could miss a critical moment and lose a competitive advantage by performing this action.
Blonk and you'll miss it.
by somebodyc000l55 April 20, 2017
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Blinking so hard that your eyes blonk.
Adam: *blink blink blink blink*
Giorgio: *BLONK*
Adam: HOLY SHIT!q3wriu4t8y
by Nidht October 12, 2004
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An ugly or undesirable, a name to call person within earshot without said being knowing
Wow that's a real blonk!

Do you think those blonks over there will be blonking tonight?
by DingoInDenver January 14, 2015
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essentially means to be high, but can be used in any case where the person is bugging out.
"Dude I hit the bong 4 times yesterday i was so blonked"
by Eddie Y. July 30, 2007
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That blonk trying to get their attention to other fandom lol
by K-pop lovers December 16, 2018
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