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A past tense and a past participle of spell.

To tell or name in their proper order letters of, as a word; to write or print in order the letters of, esp. the proper letters; to form, as words, by correct orthography.

Unknown to most 12-year-olds who hang out in IRC chatrooms and claim to be mystics with a well-formed world-view, spelt IS a word.
He spelt the word right, but forgot the accent.

The word ``satire'' ought to be spelled with i, and not with y. --Dryden.

Yesterday in Spelling class, we spelt words starting with the letter `Z'.
by Nidht November 28, 2004
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Blinking so hard that your eyes blonk.
Adam: *blink blink blink blink*
Giorgio: *BLONK*
Adam: HOLY SHIT!q3wriu4t8y
by Nidht October 12, 2004
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A herbal remedy, consisting of oats, barley, wheat, and cow bones. A common cure for Great Violin Disease.

Take with caution, and only in recommended doses, by your local shaman.
"Take this exceel. You will be satiated, and many moons will rise upon you, once more."
by Nidht April 22, 2006
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When the Senor tells you to go out for a pass, you know he's gonna hitcha on the slant.
Strong Bad: Uh, Mister Senor, sir? Can I have my football back?
Senor Cardgage: You bet! How 'bout I hitcha on the slant?

Strong Sad: OHGH! Somebody hit me on the slant!
by Nidht October 31, 2007
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A programming language commonly used as a solution to everything and anything.
Just do it in java!
Fix it... with java!

by Nidht October 12, 2004
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An ancient remedy for disease, affliction and impotence. The Greeks invented this "magical" sauce by adding simple ingredients from the kitchen into a mixing bowl. It goes well on any and all meats, as well as bread.
Guy: "Damn yo.. what's on this meat that's so fly?!"
Chick: "Ahh.. that's tsatziki sauce."
Guy: "Whoooaaa! Quick! Let's get in the bedroom!"
Chick "Ha! And they said only prescription medicine would help!"
by Nidht December 17, 2004
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