The AP way to say "Bling Bling"
white girl: hey look at those necklaces there so nice
asian girl: ya, real nice blink blink
by Zach May 07, 2005
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what an incredibly idiotic person says when trying to say blinging or bling-bling.
"that necklace is blinking, dude!" or, "you're heavy on the blink-blink today!!!"
by blinging chick April 14, 2003
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Something so unbelievable, it requires two blinks to be certain what you, me, we are seeing.
Don't blink, blink or you'll surely miss it. >:z
by dr. toofess April 12, 2013
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1. A girl who, when spoken to, looks at you incredulously and blinks a couple times.

2. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Have you met Frank's new girlfriend?

Yeah, she's a blink blink girl. Not a lot going on upstairs.
by ernstwhile December 10, 2014
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