Prison slang for knife or stabbing weapon.
I sleep with a blinky under my pillow, in case I need to stab a nigga coming at me during the night.
by Persuadatron August 26, 2017
A street term for gun. Usually meaning a handgun.
Yo, there might be some problems later so make sure u bring the blinky.
by Macho_BX December 8, 2008
Shooting jizz in the partners eye.
She was gagging on my bone when I pulled out so I wouldn't come in her mouth and I ended up giving her a blinky.
by spoogy August 23, 2003
A 3-eyed mutant fish created by toxic waste spewed out of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
Wow! Blinky has 3 eyes!
by Luigi July 24, 2003
1) The red bad guy in Pac-Man. Also known as Shadow. Toughest of the 4 monsters to shake.

2) An annoying person who gloms onto you and you can't seem to ditch.
"WTF, I can't lose this blinky... move her drink to another table..."
by allsgood March 14, 2005
A hit of a thc wax pen until the button blinks (usually 10 seconds)
“bro take a blinky, it’ll fuck you up
by bakedbitch101 July 28, 2018
A quick yet formal way to reference a flashing indicator, such as turn signals.
Hey, Butt-Head use your Blinky!
by DefinetlyNotAnthony October 27, 2017