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1) The red bad guy in Pac-Man. Also known as Shadow. Toughest of the 4 monsters to shake.

2) An annoying person who gloms onto you and you can't seem to ditch.
"WTF, I can't lose this blinky... move her drink to another table..."
by allsgood March 14, 2005
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A derogatory term for a government program that attempts to counter racism by the majority against minorities (specifically african-americans in this case).

Not a perfect plan, and somewhat misguided in that it brings even more attention to skin color in many instances. But until all people lose their ignorance and stop being concerned with skin color at all, helps gets us closer to where we should be.
I'm a white conservative, and I support Affirmative Blaction.
by allsgood February 22, 2005
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