Blatters is a word to enforce agreement with your or another parties statement. Thought to be an abbreviation of the adjuctive "blatantly", it can also be abbreviated further to "blatt" or even "berlatt".

-You coming for a beer?

by Mr A.M. Evans February 27, 2009
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UK. To be very very drunk. With our culture of binge drinking becoming more and more prevalent in recent years a whole new bunch of words are coming out to decribe being completely off your face on a Friday or Saturday night out. This one is a combination of the common words for being drunk battered and bladdered.
Oh no. Just remember what I was doing last night. Think I had my cock out at one point! Waving it in girls faces! F***, I must have been blattered.
by Jackie-F October 10, 2005
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To get unbelievably drunk. So drunk you make awful decisions, mostly for the benefit of yourself and no-one else causing utter turmoil to many people around you. You will become a complete and utter arsehole, talking about topics you have no knowledge or passion about.
Guy 1: "What you up to tomorrow night"
Guy 2: "Mate I'm getting Sepp Blattered... Christ I don't expect to see tomorrow"
by Todd28289 December 2, 2010
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a balding stupid dude who somehow managed to become the freaking president of FIFA. he don't know squat about football, and it is common knowledge that all he is interested in is making women footballers wear tighter shorts.
Bad dog! how dare u sepp blatter all over the patio! no dinner for u, bad dog.
by coded the gunner February 15, 2011
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The dumbass that is president of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association). He is as smart as your 5 year old sister. He thinks that video replay is unneccasary. Try to imagine the NFL without instant replay or tennis without being able to stop and make sure that the refferee was right.
Jason: Damnit the reffere is not calling this game right!

Alex: I know, he is such a Sepp Blatter.
by CHELSEAFC4life June 25, 2011
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the sound that comes out when your talking and you forget what your saying in the middle of a sentance.
so people know to forget what you just said cause repeat transmission is coming out
ok heres a good exap...flatter-blatter
blatter-flatter flatter -blah.

right lets start again
by marine January 15, 2004
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