When someone gets extremely emotional & overreactive, & spams lots of emotionally-fuelled messages, usually featuring manipulative tactics such as self-pitying & guilt tripping, as a panic response.
Sometimes, these messages will feature stabbing .

Girlfriends usually do this when their boyfriend needs space & they do not understand this.
Bébé: just... calm down
Moi: Do you even love me?
Do you even care???
What is wrong with you???
I try so hard, you know
What do you do in this relationship?
Do you even recognise my efforts????
God you're so selfish
Bébé: can you please stop being dramatic & stop blasting me
by Killossal September 29, 2017
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verb, meaning to shoot laser guns of the type that appear in the Star Wars movies
Luke was blasting 6 storm troopers.

Oh no! The storm troopers are blasting through the door!

Leia screamed as Han accidentally began blasting an ewok who had grabbed onto his leg.
by FunkyAntoinette October 16, 2009
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going fast on a moped without really actually going that fast.
Me: Dude i was blasting cars last night.

You: How fast were you going?

Me: Like 45!
by rod ney January 30, 2011
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The act of Text messaging. (Usually multiple texts in a short period.)
"Kim is blasting her friends about the party tonight"
by Scintilla February 18, 2008
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To engage in such heavy and violent drinking that you lose vision, memory and can potentially drown.
holy fuck i was blasting everything lastnight from vodka to breast milk and everything in between!
by Sutter1251 June 13, 2016
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When a member of Bapo is currently using the toilet and pooping. Generally followed by taking a shower to clean up. The word can also be replaced with an emote :blasting: which signifies the same action.
Jappetto being the upstanding moderator he is, continued to process the mod queue while using his laptop and blasting. After blasting he showered to make sure he was clean again.
via giphy
by bapo-blaster September 28, 2019
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