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This is when you are promised a blow job and it starts out looking like one but it quickly turns into a very unenthusiastic hand job.
I thought she was down for a blowy but It turned into a high friction blandy!
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by Simple Night Cop October 03, 2019
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A dual-action blow job, hand job combination. Also known as 'a good blowjob'.
We were dancing in my living room and she went down on me right there. It was the best blandy I've ever gotten.
by The Leisure Diver August 23, 2011
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I love her

She is my mf bsf
She a hoe on the lowπŸ’€
U can’t loose her to any thing

If you try that bich you dead
And I’m pulling up w/my bsf tho shoot you so don’t try us
Blandy is my bsf,and I love her-Stephanie
by Blandy-Stephanie bsf September 29, 2018
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He’s nice caring guy
he wins MVP for football every year
He’s usually stuck in girl drama but there is only one girl who he really likes
Blandys usually have blonde hair with brown or blue eyes
Blandys are cool and always a good friend to have

If you have ever met a Blandy your lucky
Girl: did you hear Blandy got MVP for the 5th year in a row

Boy:I wish I could be Blandy

Blandy: It’s nothing much all what I won was MVP
by Mady.lillie April 22, 2018
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(verb) To Blandy someone is to be seen as kind and friendly in a difficult, often confrontational situation.

If someone Blandy's you they're appearing to be friendly and reasonable but they can't be that nice so you know they're really being condescending smug bastards. Or are they?

You can diss, curse, abuse and violate someone non stop and if they smile and say everything is ok and still want to be friends, you've just been blandied.
When someone gives you a blandy (n.), it's hard to know if they're condescending arseholes or genuine

The worst sort of Blandy is when you want to punch-in the cunts face and he tries to shake your hand and wishes you luck. This is often known as a 'Double Blandy'.
Before our game, I told the coach of the Hot Pies his football team are a bunch of hacks and he can suck on my cock but the prick gave me a blandy by wishing my team good luck.

I've wanted to punch in Will's smirk face for some time now so I fucked his sister and told him his Mum was a fine MILF. Not only did the cunt not want to fight, he double blandied me with a hug and an invitation to the family Christmas party.
by Honey Crumpets May 31, 2019
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