The bladder holds urine until you empty it out. A full bladder or bladderful means that the urine content has reached its optimum and demands emptying. But you can still stretch the bladder walls until the pain gets too much to tolerate. A long car or bus trip, when no toilet is available and the driver has a megabladder, who can hold his piss all day, is the cause of bladder desperation and pain among the passengers. Eventually the bladder begins to empty itself under these conditions to the embarrassment of the person involved. That is a Victorian or Puritan response and not the way of human nature. The bladder must empty whatever way is necessary. Wet your pants or panties. Otherwise it is the catheter. a female nurse for the men, and a male nurse for the women.
I was on a high school road trip. It was a four or five hour drive to see West Point and its military museum and the marching cadets. That was perfectly executed. Later that afternoon we joined some of them in the grill for a hamburger, etc. Eventually I asked how long they practiced and then went to classes. One answered saying from 7 in the morning until noon there were no breaks. I asked the question that had bothering me: "When do you visit the bathroom?" The answer was, we hold it. Often we are bursting but we are drilled to hold it in. I had the same problem that morning. I drank too much OJ and milk at breakfast. My morning piss was at 7 a.m. The bus left at 8. By 9 I was bursting. By 10 I was in pain. But our teacher obviously was too. We stopped about 10:30 at a diner. I was the first off the bus and found the men's room. There were 3 urinals. I got the middle one. Mistake. I should have gone into the stall. Both my friends had 1 and 3. They pissed a storm. I was terribly pee shy and couldn't pass a drop. Finally when they went out I relaxed enough for my bladderful to empty. It took about 2 minutes. Relief at last. More guys came in. Thank God for the 3 minutes alone I had.
by Ivy League 82 October 05, 2009
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