2 chains was fresh as hell after smoking that doobie. Feds be watching.
by Lil B based Jesus October 28, 2013
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When you are dressed in very nice, crisp, clean, usually name brand clothing. Well groomed and very presentable. Dressed to impress.
2 chains called and said you better be lookin fresh as hell, just in case them feds watchin.
by Perfect planet February 22, 2018
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an expression used when things go from bad to worse very quickly and inexplicably; when your luck simply can't get any worse.
A man sees cop lights in his rearview mirror as he drives himself to the hospital for an accidentally self-inflicted wound. He exclaims:
"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! What fresh hell is this?"
by jero March 3, 2005
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Og someone is Looking fresh as hell they have done one of 2 things. They eather have gotten A boosie fade or some shit or bought some lebron 6.
by Humanmanthatlikesotherhuman April 20, 2023
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