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A decision that can be classified as weak or cowardly.
Punching that guy in his sleep was a bitch move.
by J-Five November 07, 2003
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1)Something that a homo rapper would do.
2)Any cowardly action that is intended to adversely affect another.
3)An abject act only benefiting oneself
1)"You studied my rhymes, then you laid the vocals after mine. That's a bitch move something that a homo rapper would do" - Canibus
2)Since Jake failed miserably to get this girl, he decided to do a bitch move and cockblock on anyone who tried to get with her
3)To make herself look good, she did a bitch move blamed others for her lies and mistakes.
by Young October 04, 2004
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unfair, cowardly

Used to bring more feeling to a situation, mostly anger can be used casually
1. Yo teacher thats a bitchmove taking my marks back
2. Yeah that guy did a bitchmove running from the fight
by Glitta da Shining Nigga February 26, 2008
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n. When one partakes in a stupid and/or spiteful occurence that could classify them as a bitch.
"Drew was drunk off his ass, and though she knew he had a girlfriend, Shawna pulled a bitch move and got with him anyways."
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
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A move, tactic, or strategy that is used by cowards and punks. A soft move used as a last resort. Basically what a fuck nigga would do in a pressured situation.
"They pulled a bitch move because jumped his ass. He knew he couldn't fight him one on one, and he was mad because he knocked fire from his duck ass the other day. "


"He pulled a bitch move because he had to pull out his blade and cut him because he was getting his ass whooped."
by Kay-Kay from Eight'Duece January 20, 2008
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