My fingernail is attached to me (the subject). When I clip my fingernail and is no longer attached to my finger it becomes an Abject rather than an object, because of the attachment to it's origins.

This applies to all bodily functions...all of them.
by Nicholasian May 27, 2008
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noun. the dramatic human reaction (horror, fainting, vomiting) to something inherently disgusting or threatening.

According to Julia Kristeva, it is caused by a breakdown in meaning caused by the loss of distinction between subject and object, or self and other.

Something that causes abjection is described as 'abject' (adjective). It can also be reffered to as 'the abject' (noun).
That decomposing corpse causes sever abjection!

Her abjection consisted of projectile vomiting.
by bleedingdollies November 16, 2006
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A sarcastic or derogatory adjective, esp. of a juvenile or sexual nature.
An example of an abjective would be the word fucking from the lyrics to "Shut your fucking face unclefucker" (South Park)
by D for Derivative November 10, 2009
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Completely fucked up beyond comparison, rather than just a bit fucked up.
It was an abject failure. We totally fucked it up!
by SCW, Walter's Old Tree May 27, 2016
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A sad, self-victimizing, stress-addled man whose wife/girlfriend has keeps his balls in a locked box while she takes dick from real men.

Abject cuckoldry is usually associated with skinny-fatness and gender-inappropriate maternal instinct.
Tony is an abject fucking cuckold. I can't remember a relationship where his woman wasn't getting plowed by someone twice his size.

See that abject cuckold over there? I can see why his lady's getting sluiced elsewhere; look at him, it's just in his nature.
by Tex Tile May 29, 2017
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A self glorified trash-bag of a person.

This phrase is originally from critiques on the Young British Artists (1960s)

Abjection refers to something that is gross, dirty, or taboo.
Person 1: "Joe cheated on his girlfriend with her younger sister and won't stop bragging about it."

Person 2: "Geeze. Talk about an abjection on ice."
by namuh February 14, 2019
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A Tally Hall Discord server that is the closest thing to hell on Earth. The members work as a hivemind to make everyone hate them, including the members of Tally Hall. They are very unfunny, even though they have a rule against being unfunny. Often referred to as abject.
Person 1: "I've been thinking about joining An Abject Hackneyed Game."
Person 2: "Don't"
by ebtoast March 24, 2021
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