Basically crack but in a game, and you create a life, or even control your friend's life. Super addictive, and porn directors have the highest salary!
Vanessa: Ugh i only slept for 2 hours last night
Jared: Watching Parks and Rec again?
Vanessa: Nah, I played as 25 people on BitLife
Jared: Oh....
by crocthot February 04, 2019
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I really fun game where u can make horrible desisions for other people and not yourself
Bruh I had 40 kids in BitLife how about you!?
by Cannedcoochiexd December 13, 2018
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Popular, fun life simulator, available on Google Play and the Apple Appstore. This game isn't like other simulators, because there are fun mini-games, slim to none pictures, and is overall a great way to spend your time. You can pretty much do anything, and try to earn badges and choose either wisely or poorly! It's your life!
Her: Dude, have you downloaded BitLife yet?! I literally just got sent to an Egyptian prison!!
Him: No! I've gotta try it!
by -NBA YoungGirl- July 22, 2020
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A great mobile game where you can live out an entire fucking life, die, and then live another life.
The only thing that sucks about BitLife is that you have to pay for a lot of the best features. On the bright side, it’s only $5
by nlolhere July 13, 2020
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the best free mobile game on the App Store currently
hello david my favourite game is bitlife

damope that’s a good game i play it too
right now fuck off david

ok sorry damope
by nobilly7 May 23, 2021
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The game where you make poor life decisions and go to prison, or just be someone that gets pregnant or others pregnant way too much.
Yo dude, have you tried Bitlife?
Fuck you.
by Guesswhoitsnotmelol April 02, 2020
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An “adult life simulator” available on PC, and mobile. A free game where you could live many lives, and do whatever. Except crime.
I robbed a train in BitLife.
by QuiteSeriousDefinitions September 04, 2021
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