Bingin is a word used to describe somebody who is hitting on someone or looking for something with a sexual connotation.
Jasper was Bingin on Dicks.
by zelbava June 6, 2010
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A binge engineer; A professional designer and tester of heavy high-proof binge-drinking beverages for personal consumption and experimental analysis; one who experiments and applies mathematics and science in the field of "alchemy" (alcohol chemistry) to expand the knowledge of binge drinking and to better the world.
At Party:
Victim- "Hey Bingineer, pour me a drink"
Bingineer- *whips out golden chalice, pours one part Moonshine, one part Everclear*
by DanBanTran July 27, 2012
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signal by 1 index finger on each temple while alternating movements to suggest gay or lesbian action.
Alli: Do you think she's gay?

Chelsea: She's definitely bingin. You could definitely get her number.
by msnewbooty May 10, 2008
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BENjun n. A virtually inescapable, physiological impulse to binge-watch multiple episodes of a streaming television series in one sitting, often disrupting and/or excluding eating, sleeping and other normal activities.
Ladies and Gentlemen...all the final episodes of "Ozark" are now streaming on, Start your Bingines!
by Collectic April 29, 2022
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