A good looking girl;girl with potential to be a girlfriend; a girl who walks in the door and everyone goes quiet.
man1: did u see that girl who just walked in?

man2: you mean that billo?

man1: yeah that billo is drop dead gorgeous
by Gabroo April 8, 2010
A man who carries out hits for money...Hired to kill an enemy.
I just hired Billo to take care of that problem we have in South Beach
by James Beamer April 11, 2013
1. A Surfer slang term reffering to riding a big wave.
2. An amazing trick Snowboard, Skateboard, Rollerblading etc.
"Man that trick was billo."
by Scooter Jonesy January 3, 2008
Billos is a shithead. He has no culture, is albino, and has type 2 diabetes. Although, he has a nice eggplant if you like being corkscrewed. He is really popular, and likes anime.
Girl 1: Hey look at Billos
Girl 2: I don't want to
by billyboob1 March 9, 2019
noun: a beach pillow
verb: to lie on comfortably next to a body of water or in nature
n: don’t forget to bring the billo to the beach.
v: I’m going to just billo on the beach.
by billong October 18, 2018
1. a creature born in the darkness
it has a black face, black body
and lives on nothing but crap
also used to describe fuck

2. A very insulting word to say in punjabi
Oh my god, she has turned into a billo!
Why is he such a fucking billo?
by normal citizens April 17, 2008
Another name for Bill O'Reilly, who is well-known for his lies and distortions. Invented by Keith Olbermann.
Billo The Clown, Today's Worst Person of The World
by GOPhater May 14, 2010