Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted 'Theodore' Logan, two halves of the most excellent and savoury comic duo. Saved the world through air guitar, and unlikely masters of time travel in the early 90's. Funnier than Waynes World. Had a most un-heinous rock band called Wyld Stallions, featuring medieval wenches on drums and keyboards and the Grim Reaper on bass.
I am, Bill S. Preston Esquire... and I am Ted 'Theodore' Logan... and we are... WYLD STALLIONS! Excellent! (Guitar noise)
by Mark E. Smith June 28, 2005
The most excellent pair of best friends. They are most non non non heinous, and are absolutely outstanding. The movies are slightly pointless, and very laid-back. That is most excellent.
Ted:"Why get decent instruments when we don't even really know how to play."
Bill: "And that my friend is why we need Eddie Van Halen."
Bill and Ted:"Excellent!"*air guitar*
by Halloween September 11, 2005
2 most xcellent boys whom we base our whole vocabulary around. never use the following words unless in reference 2 these most bodacious dudes-
xcellent/most xcellent
bodacious/bodacious babes
heinous/most heinous
wild stallions
Excellent Bill.
Most excellent Ted.
Rufus: Most excellent Bill and Ted.
by Sarah and Maddy January 13, 2005
Two excellent dudes who past history and saved the world.
Guy 1: "Which Bill and Ted masterpiece do we watch first? Excellent Adventure or Bogus Journey?"
Guy 2: "Excellent Journey!"
by SuperSonicX June 12, 2005
1) noun: The protagonists of a classic slacker film, Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. They embark on travels across time to avoid failing a history test.
2) Adjective of 3)

2) plural: (sometimes written as billanted) Someone who resembles these protagonists; namely an endearing slacker who finds it difficult to do nothing, literally.
1) Ted: Bodacious, Bill!
Bill: Totally outrageous, Ted!

2) The Bill-and-Ted life is appealing to some young people who would like to copulate with 'that totally hot Joan of Arc'.

3) This guy I met at the bus stop, he was a real billanted. He was having a meaningful conversation with my sneakers.
by A. Psarisch June 28, 2005
Time traveling teenagers who seek to solve world peace by making music
Be Excellent to each other- Bill and Ted
by AREZBETHEI September 14, 2020
aka "the girls"; a girls breasts
Girl to guy: "Wanna meet Bill and Ted?"
Guy: "Who are Bill and Ted?"
Girl: (points at her breasts) and says "Now are you ready for an excellent adventure?"
by Furreal April 24, 2008