Is a strong and big hearted female. She is funny, smart, outgoing, and always has a smile on her face. Everyone always wants her around, she brightens peoples day. She is honest and caring and has a great sense of humor. She is beautiful from her head to her toe.
Journey is the example of a perfect friend/person.
by Batgirlnigga June 23, 2017
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The most beautiful human being on the planet! She is very warm-hearted and cares for her bestfriend. If you ever get the chance to have a Journey, TAKE IT! She is always happy unless drama gets in her way! She doesn't handle fake people and can not stand when people call her names, argue with her, or even talk behind her back! She has a very good body and uses it with purpose and brain.
by Pink vs October 18, 2018
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One of the great rock and roll bands of the 70's and 80's, started by former members of Santana, and fronted (most famously) by Steve Perry.

The late 70's and early 80's were Journey's most successful period, with songs on the charts such as "Lights," "Any Way You Want It," "Don't Stop Believin," "Who's Cryin' Now," "Be Good to Yourself," and the standard for power ballads, "Open Arms."

In the following years, there was turmoil in the band, from members getting fired and quitting. The band reunited briefly in the mid-90's and then continued on without Steve Perry. A new vocalist was found in Steve Augeri, who has an odd resemblance to Steve Perry, in both looks and in singing. The band continues to make albums and go on tour.

Last year, Journey got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with many Journey members from the past and from now present. "Don't Stop Believin" was featured in an episode of "Family Guy." It was also made the official Chicago White Sox anthem on their way to the World Series.
by the B. January 10, 2006
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An amazing, sexy girl. The best of the best. Thick and fun to be around. Very bipolar. Perfect ass. Funny smart and sweet. Has the cutest smile and most beautiful eyes. Gives the best kisses and hugs. Makes everyone smile. One in a million. Caring but doesn't give a fuck what anybody else think. Perfect lips. On the wild .small circle.hate fake people
Journey is a bipolar girl and mean fur some times nice
by Delimited moore April 12, 2019
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Journey is a very funny person. she cares about all her friends, sometimes helps people when there feeling down. Journey can be a little annoying when she likes someone. she can be very weird sometimes. She can call her self ugly and people say she is not
Someone: Who is that Journey girl?
One of Journeys friends: oh shes a very Weird friend of mine she can be harsh on her self but other then that she is a good person.
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Journey is a boy who will find his true love and never give up on her no matter what she do he is going to stick by her side.
by Luluuuu November 29, 2013
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