Funniest Movie Ever. Stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. It was also made in the year of my birth (1992), which is like....EXCELLENT!

Wayne (Mike Myers) & Garth (Dana Carvey) are two rock-and-roll-loving guys from Aurora, Illinois (Which is a subberb of Chicago, Excellent!) who host a late-night public access show from the basement of Wayne's parents' house. When TV exec Ben Kane (Rob Lowe) decides to PAY them to do their show on a regular network, they quicky agree. But, Wayne & Garth soon discover that it's not all they thought it would be.

Inculdes the famous "Bohemian Rapsody" scene.
Funniest Move EVER!
Trust me, see this movie. NOW!!!
by January 5, 2005
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If Wayne was a president he would be Baberham Lincoln. I wish I was in Wayne's World. One disapointment: I saw that sweet car at Paramounts Great America and there was no licorice dispenser.
A sphincter says what?

what? ...exactly
by Kelley Anne October 11, 2005
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An odd Mike Myers movie with three different endings. It is based around a struggling Heavy Metal Cable show of the same name, and Aerosmith concerts, especially the sequel.
Wayne's world, Wayne's world! Party Time, excellent!
by Gumba Gumba March 3, 2004
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Lyrics made up on the spot using the theme tune of Wayne's World. ( "Wayne's World. Party time, excellent!")
Adam: "Hey man, let's Wayne's World Freestyle!"

Chris: "Let's Do it!"

Adam: "It's Home time, time to go, with the flow, let's go. Party time, excellent!"

Chris: "Ten Thirty, hit the loo, break time poo, curry sauce, from the exhaust, party time, excellent!"
by Adam FJ & Chris W January 31, 2008
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