A fella whomst is quite large.
Hey it's Big Hoss
by neg Hoss November 25, 2018
A large, but kind, alpha male; usually from rural America. The term was popularized by 50's TV show, Bonanza.
Get the beer out; here comes Big Hoss!
by Omniscientific July 3, 2019
An absolute chad that excels in fighting with his fists, has a Stand, huge muscles, and really loves a good McChicken.
"Oh hey, look! It's Big Hoss! What an amazing guy..."
by Minecraft Hierophant Green October 30, 2020
A man with a high intelligence, sexy appearance, and a massive dong.
Wow look at him over there! He is so attractive! He must be a Big Hoss!
by bighoss September 25, 2019
The absolute boss of all bosses, he calls the shots and people listen. Also has an extra large penis that all the ladies love but creepy hispanic men are very jealous of and like to call gay.
That fella Nick sure does seem like the big hoss around progressive.
by azbdn October 22, 2012
The best of best terms similar to dude or man only cool people say it and the weirdest don't

Non sexual and non offensive all who call it that or use it for that are unintelligent.
Kyle said what's up big hoss how's your day
by Bighossmanj24 October 13, 2016