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A man with a high intelligence, sexy appearance, and a massive dong.
Wow look at him over there! He is so attractive! He must be a Big Hoss!
by bighoss September 25, 2019
The above definitions for dude bro hit the mark very well. The only aspect left out is that a dude bro is COMPLETELY insecure in what he understands manhood to be. When a dude bro is away from others of his type and put in a situation with a group of older men (30+), he has no adequate defense mechanisms. He is not used to seeing how real men act and quickly retreats to his mama boy posse.

In more white trash areas of the country, a dude bro can be seen wearing gangsta shorts that resemble high water pants and walking like he has just shit himself.

Dude bro music is indeed top 40 drivel and white boy rap. The best way to compare a dude bro to the disappearing breed of real men is this: a dude bro could be seen on powderpuff MTV or VH1 reality shows but you would never see a dude bro on Ice Road Truckers or The Deadliest Catch.
Dude Bro 1: Hey dude, your '04 lowered Honda is the shizzle! I can get in no prob with my dwarf-like legs, bro!

Dude bro 2: I training to become a cage fighter!!!
by bighoss August 1, 2010
A city ,in south central Oregon, home to a vast array of mostly, unemployed, white trash. The town boasts the highest per capita population of baby daddies and baby mommas west of the Mississippi. The local mottos are "If I don't work, I can't get fired." and "More kids, more welfare, 'nuff said."
Your acting like you live in Klamath Falls. Quit looking for handouts.
by bighoss March 14, 2010