The act of using a McChicken as a means of getting off. Putting a dick inbetween 2 buns and thrusting. This was started by the #McChicken Twitter trend when a video of a black guy McChickening surfaced on the Internet.
Guy 1: What the fuck did you do there?
Guy 2: I McChickened.
by HandleUsed August 28, 2016
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A sandwich at McDonald's that is the greatest item on the menu. Possibly the best chicken sandwich of all time at a fast food restaurant. Comes with lettuce and mayonaisse on a toasted bun.

The chicken is most likely laced with nicotine.
by Waldo Wellerton February 20, 2005
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The act of robbing McDonalds for a sandwich that is so delicious and only 99 cents.
Everytime walter eats a McChicken he is led to believe that he has robbed McDonald's.
by ROBBINMICKEYD'S June 3, 2010
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That group was dumb enough to start chanting Michigan after I yelled McChicken. Must be from the Detroit area
by Drubbers April 25, 2017
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When a Person takes a Mcchicken and starts to jerk themselves off
Takes McChicken

Inserts it into vagina/Puts Dick Between The Buns
by A Random My Guy August 29, 2016
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The most common form of sustenance for those lonly nights when you are stoned or just want to see a Mexican!
Yo im into mexicans now so lets go get a McChicken with fries.
by Yo pimp May 1, 2006
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