Jeffery Bezos, Jeffery Bezos, Jeffery Bezos: You did it!
by gay.sea.otter July 13, 2021
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A robotic butler that will do whatever you tell it to do, available from Amazon, which has the head of Jeff Bezos and the body of an old-school man-bot.
I be getting me a smiling and wacky-lookin’ Bezos Butler soon to be answering the front door and take packages sent to me by Amazon!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 05, 2021
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Part-robot who employs the largest number of people in poverty and kills his employees
Dude 1: Did you know the median salary at amazon is $28,000? That means 325,000 people are making below the poverty line!
Dude 2: not surprised. Did you know that Jeff Bezos likes to kill his employees?
Dude 1: Yeah I heard that instead of putting AC in his factory when it was 110 degrees he hired a bunch of niggas to park medical trucks outside the building and revive people who fainted
by novelty16 May 05, 2018
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Jeff who?
Teacher: "I'd like to introduce you to Jeff Bezos."
Class: "Jeff Who?"
by Ewok Musk June 15, 2020
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Some Rich Bastard That Would Rather Put His Money Into A Space Company Instead Of Ending World Hunger Basically A Harmless Dictator
by G48M October 22, 2020
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The amount of money Jeff Bezos makes in a second
Guy 1:Yooooo how much that new whip cost you?
Guy 2: This shit cost me a whole Bezos Second!!
by sebas15243 February 20, 2019
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