A completely reliable web site where you can buy virtually anything. I prefer it over ebay because you don't need paypal and you don't have to go through the bidding process. Anyone that complains about long shipping is stupid, delivery estimates are clearly spelled out when you confirm your order, and you can do what I did and get free 2 day shipping for signing up for some trial.
Person: Why would anyone buy electronics at full price at a retail store when you can buy the exact same thing on amazon.com for much less?

Retard: My amazon stuff didn't come in the mail...durrrrr

Me: Just contact your seller... or report them to amazon directly if they don't respond
by CriticalAcclaim August 11, 2009
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A site that steals your money and fucks you in the ass
Jeff: DUDE! I got buffungled by Amazon.com with a 8-12 day shipping time!
Chris: At least you got your shit, mine got lost in the fucker-caust of mail.
by Ruckus Fox October 15, 2007
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