A school in Modesto, California whose population could easily be described in quite the same way as the population of the rest of Modesto.

If you go to Beyer you are most likely Mexican and either A.) Into drugs or B.) Into sports.
Anyone else is usually a manga nerd, and there's manga nerds who are also into drugs and sports anyway.

Beyer has some decent sports programs and a decent music program, but no one outside of Modesto cares or notices.
Barely anyone IN Modesto notices.

Beyer is constantly making their rules more strict, which has no affect on the students' habits of misconduct.
The teachers and staff try endlessly to convince themselves and each year's freshmen class that Beyer is the best school in the state. This says something about the teachers, considering how they lie so blatantly to the students.

The most predominantly used words in Beyer's vocabulary are most likely: "hella," "fuckin'," and "D-36"
(D-36 is the disciplinary office)

The most commonly used phrases in Beyer are most likely: "I forgot my lanyard!" and "Fuckin' campo is hella dumb!"

All in all, Beyer is pretty much just like the rest of Modesto.
Person One: "What team did our school totally cream last week at the football game again?"
Person Two: "Oh, that was Beyer."


Person 1: "Oh where did you go to High School?"
Loser Who Still Lives In Modesto: "...Beyer."
Person 1: "Oh..." (at this point the topic changes)
by BassTres October 21, 2011
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Promoting something that you think works fine, but when others use try, it fails miserably (often causing extremely bad circumstances).
Man, whowever wrote that production Event Viewer Utility Beyers' It. It keeps crashing my computer.
by K-Yar June 9, 2006
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the fucking gayest skool in the world located in HELL
a skool ful of stuck up bitches that think the world revolves around them and some girls so stupid they think the earth revolves around the moon, located in the deepest part in HELL
by A Wise Worior Warrior February 7, 2005
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a fucking lame ass high skool that is full of preps and jocks
a high school with a ton of popular kids such as preps and jocks and very little stonner kids
by tim January 29, 2005
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To clock block any and all attempts by your friends to pick up or talk to a girl at a bar. Also, to have thinning hair and try to hide it with some gel and a slight comb over.
1) I was talking to this slut at the bar when Tom pulled a Beyers on me and ruined my chances with her.

2) Man I haven't seen him since high school but he definetly has changed, look at the Beyers he has going on the top of his head.
by Robertbailey March 5, 2008
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A ginger leprechaun who owes me $30 and cant afford Cod MW
Why hasn't zack beyer been on MW lately
by I want $30 November 21, 2019
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A monkey like humanoid creature, that lives off beer and creamed potatoes
OH NO! Emil Beyer is watching planet of the apes agian
by WilliamTheBandit March 1, 2022
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