Someone who not only has a beautiful face, but a great looking body.
by rararag January 20, 2007
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a girl with a pretty face and a body to go along with it
jessica beil is a hottie with a body
by Party Greg February 9, 2009
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one who possess an appealing physical appearance
-Suzanne is one fine ass hottie wit da body.
-Not as fine as Cassie. Damn dat gurl got it going on.

by bonifa sharelle jackson January 26, 2009
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a super hot person that has an AMAZING body! who you want to have sex with like all the time! (HWANB)
girl 1- ohh emm gee did you see that guy!
girl 2- yea talk about hottie with a naughty body!
girl 1- i want him NOW
by nerdbomber May 7, 2008
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A fat ass chick who thinks she is really hot, but in reality is an ugly choade.
Guy 1 (Joking): That Tina girl is such a hottie
Guy 2: Ya, A hottie with a plumber's body
by CoolIEj October 21, 2009
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A girl with a body that makes your dick go booooom! Explodes! She's a hottie, but has the body that will ignite the fuse on your dick.
Look at that girl, she's a hottie boom body, too late I came all over myself.

It's embarrassing when a hottie boom body unzips your jeans, because it's covered in semen.
by nickyj411 June 6, 2013
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Smoking hot broad, typically from Indiana. Often found near a river, but residing near a lake.
"Tanya is thee Hottie Bo Body"
by jazz_man1962inTX March 16, 2010
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