B.E.T is a ministrel show. Thats all you need to know. It undermines the black community and continues to make us look like a bunch of idiots. BET also teaches more like brainwash blacks into thinking being a thug and a video whore is the way to be in life. In all honesty, BET should be changed into NET(Niggas Entertainment Television). Because B.E.T has nothing but niggas for the most part.

And to white people who cry racism, please do your research before you open your mouth. First of all the company(viacom) that oversees B.E.T is mostly white. Second if you think B.E.T represents black people, then you are a racist yourself, and have bought into the stereotype they have fed you. Not to mention you all have your own white television channel its called MTV and 90% of the other channels that are on your network. Do not be so ignorant sheesh.
Um B.E.T is a ministrel show, that is all you need to know.
by Angry_BlackMan April 17, 2006
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Black Entertainment Television, although it should be called Boring Enema Television because nothing good is on. Owned by Viacom, which also owns MTV and Nickolodeon.
BET sucks ass because it doesn't play real black music.
by AYB February 12, 2003
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A channel that purports to support black culture, all the while instilling the idiotic ideas that plague black culture like cancer.
Dude, after watching BET, I realized that I never have to get a real job because America is racist. It's much easier to just collect unemployment and stare at my "Free Mumia" poster because something bad happened to my ancestors somewhere, sometime.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
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They should just call it NWP. No White People except Eminem.

106 and Park= TRL
Rap City= Direct Effect
College Hill= Real World
how I'm livin= Cribs
access granted= making the video
Top 25 countdown= Greatest Hits
The Next= Advance Warning
BET Awards= VMA's

Damn you Viacom! I hope you fuckin' burn in hell.
by annonymous December 29, 2004
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A channel that shows allot of rap videos resulting in pampered little dumbasses who live in rich little neighborhoods, who shout "G G G G-Unit" and think that by sagging their pants and driving a nice car that their parents bought them on their 16th birthday will result in them being gangsta and that getting shot will result in a multi million dollar contract.
Poser 1: "Yo fool you saw that new 50 cent and The Game video on BET? In it 50 drives the same car that my parents bought me bro! Man I'm as OG as can be, you heard?"
Poser 2: "Yea Yea, on the real. And Im like Lloyd Banks, Im so fly, Biatch!"
Poser 1: "G G G G-unit!"
Poser 2: "Word."
by Ruslan February 07, 2005
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'Black Entertainment Television' aka a racist tv network that feeds on everything wrong with the black culture
Dude1:hey whats up?
Dude2:Watching BET
Dude1:You're white
Dude2:Ya but my sister is daiting a black guy, so i am trying to understand him more
Dude1:He is black not an alien and BET is a load of shit most lack people dont live like that
by Brittany Onita July 31, 2007
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A tasteless telivision network that is in fact the reason for many of the problems of Afro-American society. It supports stereotypical views of us blacks, instill bad grammar and sloppy dress.
It also causes many of my unghetto ghetto dwelling peers and myself to get many frustrating questions
BET is the antithesis of the African Diaspora and negates and nullifies everything our ancestors were
MeltswingMM2000: our pround black heritage, the african diaspora has taken a backseat to hiphop culture and BET
MeltswingMM2000: wtf...BET is owned by white people...
MeltswingMM2000: not to make any kind of racist point
H CheeseSandwich: whoa
MeltswingMM2000: BET is what is currupting our culture
H CheeseSandwich: thats all we had left! why cant they get....WET?
MeltswingMM2000: i say fuck bet
MeltswingMM2000: luckily...
MeltswingMM2000: we have a channel called TVOne MeltswingMM2000: TVOne is a tasteful alternative to BET
H CheeseSandwich: oh
MeltswingMM2000: i am offended by black people who give me heat about the way i talk and that i dont watch BET
MeltswingMM2000: you know what, D
MeltswingMM2000: we should learn Swahili and Mandinka
by ManOfTheDiaspora April 22, 2005
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