Real music? on B.E.T.? LOLOLOL. The only things B.E.T. plays are the pieces of shit known as nu-rap and R&B ballad.
The day B.E.T. starts playing real music will be the day i start watching it for more than two minutes.
by Carusso April 21, 2003
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An acception of an invitation, also meaning Yes. A sign of approval. Most do not use it sparingly, but add it to spice up sentences. Not referring to, "making a bet."
Person 1: Hey homie, whats good in the hood?

Person 2: Betttttt, nothing much.

Person 1: She is a hottie,

Person 2: Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Betttttt.
by glamourbett September 22, 2009
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Black Entertainment Television. A channel, owned by Viacom, that caters to what white people think are the interests of African-Americans. It is neither evidence of affirmative action nor racism, since white people have the Country Music Television (CMT) channel (not to mention CNN, Golf and Food Networks, and all other channels, etc)and Hispanics have Univision and Telemundo. While BET is "for" African-Americans, it does not necessarily represent the views, ideas and interests of all African-Americans, just like CMT or Univision do not represent all whites and hispanics.
B.E.T. is television channel that focuses on what white people think are the interests of African-Americans.
by somewhitesareignorant September 16, 2006
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B.E.T. should rename its "Rap City" show to "Techno City" because not one of the songs played was rap POETRY at all.

Besides, rap was dead and rotten by 1997 anyway.

*Note: Rap is not music.
If This station really is Black Entertainment Television, and it is dedicated to playing black music, why the fuck isn't it playing jazz, oldskool hip hop, funk, disco, bebop, swing, reggae, traditional African music, caribbean, black European music? And why the Hell are they only playing songs about blings, bitches, booze, and blunts?

Black Entertainment Television my ass.
by Uncle Tom April 26, 2004
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The acronym means Black Entertainment Television. B.E.T. is a network that some people like and some don't
Aaron McGruder: "B.E.T. may be the worst thing to happen since Jimmy Walker. I'm a big fan of hip-hop culture, but B.E.T. is only exploting the culture and making the race look idiotic. It's all bitches and hoes and grandiose jewelry and fancy cars."
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
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