Network that feeds off African-American stereotypes. Doesn't play real black music like blues. Viacom is killing US Television
BET music is a joke. It would be a real shocker to see performers like Keb Mo', Robert Cray, or Corey Harris featured on that network. They probably never won't.
by Jon May 19, 2003
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(N.) A network that used to be Black Entertainment Television, but now is just the Ghetto MTV.
106 & Park = TRL
How I'm Livin' = Cribs
Access Granted = Making the Video/Diary
College Hill = The Real World
Coming To The Stage = Made
Next = Becoming
The Center = True Life/Fight for your Rights
Rap City = Direct Effect
Sneak Peek = Movie House
(none) = Room Raiders/Crib Crashers, Dismissed/Taildaters, Newlyweds, The Osbournes, Punk'd
by G-Union February 09, 2004
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All they ever show are songs about love, romance, sex, getting that babe, tapping her booty, sex, fucking that bitch, girl dumped me, sex, cheating spouses, evertyhing else related to sex and romance.
God fucking dammit will B.E.T. start playing a whole lot more songs that don't involve sex and love. How about they start showing good old fashioned songs about going through life's struggles, or sympathy towards relatives/friends, or songs about educational inspiration. Or even songs about the joy of raising children. Because I refuse to believe that the only songs that black people are capable of diong are cheesy love songs.
by angry July 24, 2003
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A television channel watched primarily by Asian girls who wish they were black, in light of the fact that real black people watch VH1 and Comedy Central like everyone else.
Most people occasionally watch BET for the music videos.
by rsposys August 06, 2005
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A white-owned piece of shit trying to masquerade as a channel geared toward African-American audiences. Few African-Americans have anything nice to say about it, as they recognize it to be a mere minstrel show portraying nothing but stupid-ass white stereotypes of Black culture. As numerous whites, on this board and elsewhere have said, "Blacks would be upset if we had a channel!!!" Well, you have all the other channels, plus BET which is also a white channel.
Hey, they're showing 'MALCOLM X' on BET tonite, instead of 'The Viacom shake that booty hour.' It must be February.
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