Considered the best magazine in hip-hop in the late 80's early 90's. Now it is considered as the worst hip-hop magazine.( Mainly cause of Benzino.)
"Yo are you gonna get the next issue of The Source?" "I would but since Benzino controls it I'll go get the next issue of XXL."
by J April 19, 2005
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horrible magazine, published with shit piled on top of more shit.
by Sean June 1, 2004
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(N.) A glittery, more expensive type of toilet paper, that comes with advertisements inside.
I got something for my a** every issue. Thankyou, cause I keep running out of F****n' tissue. Oh lordy, I just got so sick at looking at you. (Benzino, the manufacter) At least now, I can see when nike has a new ten-nisshoe. -Eminem's new commerical for The Source
by G-Union May 8, 2003
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Basicly yeah .. What Eminem is a really crappy "Hop-Hop" magazine that for some bloody reason the guy in charge is dissing the best Hip-Hop artist of all Eminem!!
Gangsta 1:Yo did you here that the source is at it again, tryin to reveal another personal and private part of eminem's life.....
Gangsta 2: Bro yeah that would be right...Idiots!
by DJ Electro January 28, 2004
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The ex-"Bible of Hip-Hop"
Started out as the BEST of the BEST!Everybody loved it until Raymond "Benzino" Scott decided to launch a mainstream career with help from The Source.Started the suicidal battle with Eminem and sunk The Source's credibility.Currently crumbling.The magazine has already been forced into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on July 27, 2006 by creditors.Doesn't have much of a future theese days.Better read XXL - the better magazine - TODAY!
Guy#1 - Wanna bet The Source will dissapear by the end of the year?
Guy#2 - Nah,man.That'd be like Benzino battlin Em again man...Hey - let's subscribe to XXL.
Guy#1 - Yea,lets.
by Static12 June 17, 2007
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A mysterious web site that is populated by leet haxx0rz. Made by a shady individual known as Pariahking during the december of 2004
by Kant March 28, 2005
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1. Unreliable, unverified, phantom person(s) or entity. Often cited by the media to publish a story that they don't want to do the legwork to find physical evidence for.

2. The thing that is always missing from online rants, is never given when asked for, and that is always discredited the moment it is posted.
P1: Did you see that news article? The world is ending tomorrow!

P2: According to who?

P1: "Multiple Sources".

P2: Oh! Well then, since there are multiple of them that makes it more credible!
by Achiyugo October 23, 2019
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