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A group of team mates that enjoy warming up the bench during games. They laugh too much and are occasionally yelled at by coaches and other team mates. But they sure do know how to have one lovely of a time.
Dolly, Oscar, and Belva are benchies for the softball team.
by Spiffy13 November 11, 2009
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A word only used by charlatan professors and their adopted chimpanzee apprentices. As slang, the word is mis-used commonly to describe benches, as said apprentices (although, more particularly Luke Triton) have no imagination at all.
"Yep, that's a bench. Sure is... benchy."- Luke Triton

by Don Paolo June 12, 2011
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A skinny long haired male often mistaken for a lesbian

Always juicy and can be found half naked out the front of mac Donald's or Kmart trying to tick drugs
I bought a bot off that benchy the other day cunt is FUCKED
by Frankmillsenburg February 25, 2017
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