A Beautiful young woman, one who is kind and generous but, can also be childish and playful. She may not always be in cheery moods but she is forgiving and is all around a great person to know or spend time with.
guy: did you know the first ever cloned sheep was named dolly?

Dolly; ugh , I cant believe you said that im logging off.

guy: damn guess i offended her -.-

Dolly logs back in and says:
It's ok silly <3 :3
by Interested Parties September 23, 2011
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a beautiful, legendary girl who's the life and soul of EVERY party + who EVERYONE wants to be friends with. every girl wants to be her friend + every guy wants to be her boyfriend. she's sometimes insecure but she'll always have a friend or eight to cheer her up.
"is Dolly coming tonight?"
"yeah she'll be here around 8"
by scruffz-- November 13, 2007
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Dolly is a way of describing ANYTHING that is cute or doll-like a.k.a Dollyesque! It can be a person, an outfit, a situation, an action, a movie, a phrase...ANYTHING!

It can also be used to identify someone who embodies Dollyesque traits.

A group of people who embody Dollyesque traits are known as a Dolly Crew, but only very few of these exist.
"Oh my god that outfit is so Dolly!"

"I got my foot stuck in the mud - it was SO not Dolly."

"Hey, Dolly!"
by The Dolly Crew May 4, 2006
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A local dialect name used mostly in the Braintree area of Essex, England for the more commonly known drug Meow Meow.
Have you got any Dolly, geez?

What do you want that shit for mate, are you an Aspidistra?
by DeliriousUK June 22, 2010
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1. n; a clone, one who follows everyone else. (As in Dolly the cloned sheep)

2. n; a poser.
Don't conform to be a Dolly.
by anonymous November 16, 2004
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A limp inanimate object used by weirdos for sexual reasons
Dollys never say they have a headache. They just lay back and accept.
by Mike May 3, 2004
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