Christie: Hey what are you on now?

Joey: Nunn
Christie: What's nunn?
Joey:... Cocaine.
by Jessica Laffalooodalala August 5, 2009
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Silly Nunn, there's no such thing as gayer than you.
by shmick_shack August 10, 2006
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A long chin ass bitch, who needs to shut the fuck up. always be fighting her friends and has no one to back hr up frl, they always use her for clout and money and fame. a colourist ass corny girl who got confronted by Rhianna. thinks she shit because she got a mention form nicki minaj. is a delusional ass hoe who thinks cardi wrote a song about her needs some time off social media in the surgery room to get rid of that chin!!!!!!!! P.S needs to spend time with her husband instead of the bodyguards at azeus, she in love with them frl. BIGGEST CATFISH. She got more pores than the amount of times she fucked the director of baddies. most definitely does not make more tan $20 million a year, a broke ass hoe with a shit fanbase. tries to act like about that life and tries to be trendy. she look like a grandma next to all the baddie members. Tanisha should've been the lead EP of baddies then we wouldve seen the bag
SLIM: a 60 year old gay white man.
ROLLIE: a fat ass delusional bitch who thinks she won every fight because she big asl. biggest catfish on baddies, swam in alfredo

SCOTTY: a weak ass bitch WHO GOT BEAT UP BY HER FRIEND!! she need to stop eating natalie's nunn pussy.
CHRISEAN: needs to see a doctor frl , got her son leaked.
RAZOR: looks like she can fight but got beat tf up by scotty spent her time in prison for nothing.
STUNNA: a real ass bitch makes the best songs fr only baddies east members i see going somewhere.

TOMMIE: a druggie who always be bullying lil girls cs she fight bitches her age needs to focus on her daughters
MS.CAT: had no storyline. lowkey wanted to be stunnas mom. waste on the show
BIGGIE: a fat ass bitch who dickrides whatever tommie or natalie says. needs a burger to stop her fatass mouth running. was lowkey scared of stunna knowing she a goliath. Needs to stop editing her pics she do not look like that
LO LONDON: great on BGC dk what happend. was only relevant for 2 seconds then became besties with the bitch who gave her three knots on her head weak ass frl
DJ SKY HIGH BABY: her lashes were always flopping just like her time in baddies. also tried to make a name for herself in reunion but ultimately flopped. only thing thing succeed in is kicking rollie but who hasn't done that

NENE: have you seen natalie nunn chin?
GIGI: did you hear bout nickis new song on natlie nunns chin
by ReadThem October 1, 2023
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A food loving fridge monster. Constantly asks for surrons and to have a ‘swig’ of your newly bought drink. Begs for crumbs of anything. HE HATES VEGETABLES.
He is such a Mason Nunn, always asking me for stuff.
by ThomasGreen1 July 17, 2023
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at cascade when he got served by a white boy

That nigga is a "quntin nunn"
by poppie May 9, 2006
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I love my pee pee guns they go pee pee pee all over the wall creating an short ammount of urination on top of the wall "Whats this a bb gun oh it goes pew pew pew" Wooo I love bb guns but my tiny pee pee is warm what it goes really small and enlarges when thinking of my bb guns pew pew pew wooo I love rocket ships going up my tiny ass bowl
Sam Nunn awoopapewpewapoo
by It'sYaBoiDJD April 22, 2017
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A large primate, Often eat's like a monkey family since 1662 all features resemble a monkey including ears and face.
Eww look at that orangutan, No wait that's Charlie Nunn.
by Anonymous 1212121 November 4, 2011
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