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Luke Triton is the apprentice of Professor Layton in the Professor Layton series made by Level-5. He is the son of Clark & Brenda Triton. He carries a satchel, and wears a matching blue sweater and hat. Because he always follows Professor Layton, he has the love of puzzles also wishing he would find the puzzle for him, as well as wanting to become a gentlemen like Professor Layton. He has an amazing ability of talking to animals, like his pet mouse Toppy from game 4 of the series: 'The Last Specter' He was born in London, but moved to Misthallery while he was still small. He is 11 years old.
Angela: "Don't you think Professor Layton's apprentice is just so adorable?" :D
Sarah: "You mean Luke Triton? Pfft....He's okay..."
by Roxasu September 26, 2012
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