Another way of saying someone got put on strings or that they are dancing.
"Bro, Now That's So REAL! (on youtube) just got benched again!"
by Johnny is a stupid af name October 15, 2021
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You’re online dating using tinder or hinge or whatever app and you’re getting along with someone, eventually you get their number and set a date but instead of ghosting you they put you on the bench while they talk to someone else to see who is better worthy of your time and effort making ‘you’ a benchwarmer.
Bro I got this girls number and I asked her out for Saturday night and she said yes.. it’s been three days since I’ve heard from her but I think we are still on, should I ask or do you think I’m being benched?
by Chrissypoo9992 February 18, 2020
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A person goes behind your legs, on their knees, whilst another person pushes you from the front and you fall back.
"Holy shit! There's blood!"
by HewbyGewby June 17, 2009
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To be raped in a violent or agressive way.
Usaully used for soft language so you don't have to say rape.
"Did you hear what happened to Haley?"
"Yeah, she got benched."
by LittlePeopleFood February 3, 2013
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To be left out of the starting lineup without playing in a sport. Synonymous with 'Donny van de Beek'.
That Dutch guy for Man United got benched again.
by Kaneisabottler August 2, 2021
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to be drunk and on a bench with a friend. discussing pointless topics.
craig and gareth were benched, discussing how if the hulk teabagged you it would feel like getting hit in the face by some footballs
by Reedy111 December 1, 2009
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To be so high or drunk that the world doesn't spin correctly.
We got so benched, dude where's my car?
Look at Tom, he's benched.
by Triizyyy January 9, 2018
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