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A great term invented by George Carlin to describe the way dumb self centered smug people refer to things.

"Sometime during my life toilet paper became bathroom tissue. . . . Sneakers became running shoes. False teeth became dental appliances. Medicine became medication. Information became directory assistance. The dump became the landfill. Car crashes became automobile accidents. Partly cloudy became partly sunny. Motels became motor lodges. House trailers became mobile homes. Used cars became previously owned transportation. Room service became guest room dining. Constipation became occasional irregularity. . . "

"Poor people used to live in slums. Now 'the economically disadvantaged' occupy 'substandard housing' in the 'inner cities.' And a lot of them are broke. They don't have 'negative cash flow."- George Carlin

"We would like to begin the boarding process." Extra word, “process”, not necessary. Boarding is enough, "We'd like to begin the boarding." Simple! Tells the story..." - George Cain
On airplanes the lady on the plane always uses soft language. "Please begin the pre-boarding process."
by rockymountaincashflow January 18, 2009
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