I hinged John with Sarah. She's totally his type.

You need to hinge me with your friend Julie. She's a fox.
by pacovercucco May 23, 2012
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A person who is prone to subscribing to both magazines, ergo, someone who has bisexual tendencies. Can be used for a male bisexual or a female bisexual. The term comes from the properties of a hinge - which when unttached, can swing both ways.
Yeah, I heard Opie's a hinge. He's been seen playing tonsil hockey with Patricia. That was one day after swappin spit with Adam.
by Leif June 7, 2005
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A shady, seedy person, perhaps someone with a mullet, bad teeth, no shirt and drinking Rainier beer at ten o'clock in the morning.
That guy mowing the so-called patch of weeds in front of his mobile is such a hinge.
by J.44 March 12, 2004
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In downtown New York, you may spot a hinge on any random street corner.
by John Kimble Jr May 15, 2006
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The vietnamese laugh, like jajaja, but a vietnamese kind.
-DUDE! I nearly choked on my spring roll. -Hing hing hing, are you stupid or something?
by Washingtonsays September 25, 2010
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Hinged is an academic-slang term that describes someone who is a sane or rational person.

Having humble origins dating back to the early Middle Ages, the term is a palpable model of linguistic evolution The word was originally introduced in Old English as 'hlincge,' which indicated the component of a door or gate that allowed it to swing. While we can't pin the credit on one sagacious wordsmith for its conception, the evolution of language and its nuances are an often communal and collective effort. Numerous unnamed artists of articulation across the centuries have shaped its development. Making its debut in the English language in the 1300s, 'hinged,' in layman's terms, made an indelible mark and has continued ever since. As a metaphor, it instates the visual imagery of revolving around a central point, being dependent on, or extremely significant for something else.

This imagery is a perfect match to describe someone who is calm and intelligent. As someone who is unhinged is off the hinge; someone who is hinged remains on the hinge, and continues to be a beacon of logical thought.
Today, you can use hinged in a sentence like: "Your take (or opinion) is hinged!"

or "Only a hinged person could make such an intelligent and logical statement."
by thehingedsociety July 4, 2023
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A Scottish way to pronounce “thing” most commonly used by men when they’re telling each other their darkest secrets in private
Man 1: “So tell me, what’s yer hing?”
Man 2: “My hing?”
Man 1: “Aye, yer hing”
Man 2: “Well sometimes I walk around my house for hours on end with my trousers on my arms and my shirt around my legs...”
by Zoidbergsleftclaw January 31, 2018
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