When you introduce something to someone and get them interested in it, and then take credit for their new interest or behavior.
Dude 1: "Dude, ever since you played that song Dynamite in the car, I've been super into BTS and Girl's Generation."
Dude 2: "I put you on kpop!"

Dude 1: "Ever since I saw you do it, I really like toasting my bread separately when reheating my leftover sandwich. I do it all the time now, it tastes so much better."
Dude 2: "I put you on that!"
by ghart717 December 15, 2021
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Use your ability to help someone
If you wait around, I'll be able to put you on with the connect
by Ch!efBoog!e April 12, 2016
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When someone talks to someone that you like and puts in a good word for you so you can hit that
Bria Im going to put you on with H Carter.
by bprttynpnk October 8, 2008
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When you kill someone in the hood, their family usually puts your best picture of yourself on a shirt, so they can remember you forever. It might say the words, "RIP Ja'Quavion 1995-2018" or something of similar nature.
"You better stop talkin that shit before I put you on a shirt."
by lil patrick February 22, 2018
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To put someone on blast is to mock them publicly, especially in the news, or media.
I hated you so much that i put you on blast in front of a crowd of one-thousand people, just to make you look stupid.
by Bad Boy Bruce Lee October 24, 2015
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to perform a vigorous sexual thrashing on someone, causing them to sleep for an unspecified amount of time, sometimes resulting in some short term memory loss.
"I wanna put my fingers thru your hair
Wrap me up in your legs
And love you till your eyes roll back
I'm tryin to put you to bed..."---"bed" by J. Holiday
by Cucci Mane September 6, 2007
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