the ultimate comeback. everyone uses it. even me. it can be used manya ways. as in.

Wow your really ugly! (A)
Oh yea! your mamma! (B)

Can i burrow your notes? (A)
No way! (B)
Oh yea your mammas so dumb! she sits on the tv and watchs the couch!(B)

I hate you! (A)
Well your mammas so old, i told her to act her age, and she died!!! (B)
whoa, i just gave an example up there. ok. cool.
by your worst nightmare March 17, 2005
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we're gonna take yo mamma out all night, we're gonna show her what it's all about, we're gonna get her jacked up on some cheap champagne and show her what it's all about!
by Alec August 27, 2004
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when "Fuck You" doesn't quite say it, try "Fuck your Mamma"
Even more emphasis can be added by adding a simple "Bitch" to the end of the phrase.
by To- dawg October 3, 2006
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Don't dig into food too deep.

An idiom, usually spoken in a buffet line, by the guy behind you, when you are spooning out food.
(A vague reference to exhuming a body.)
Hey dude, ease up on that potato salad... Don't find your mamma in it.
by Bakey Snakey July 30, 2021
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This means you are acting like a child. A child young enough to still be breast feeding . Basically telling the person that they are tantruming like a 2 year old child. typically said during an argument.
Oh quit your whining, and go suck your mamma's tit! I've had enough of your bullshit! Act like a grown up for Pete's sake!
by SweetieOne December 2, 2017
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