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The act of Bee-hiving consists of three parts.

1. Buy a jar of honey.
2. Find a bees nest.
3. Find 2 women for less than 100 dollars.

The Process...

Line up all the women spread eagle, dip your hands in honey, and then GENTLY put your hands in the bees. Following this take your hands and shove your fists simultaniusly into the unsuspecting women, returning the bees to their new hive.
Person 1: "Dude Cindy looks all pissed off!" "I wonder whats in her vagina?"
Person 2: "Bees, what else man?!"
Person 1: "Bees?!"
Person 2: "Yea dude!, Her and Jen went Bee-hiving last night!"
Person 1: "Oooooh!, that explains the buzz around school!"
by Oliver Sloan October 20, 2010
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applying honey to the sphinctoral region and coaxing a swarm of bees into your rectum.
In the ancient Egyptian times the pharaoh Cleopatra kept a jar of honeybees beside her bed for bee hiving. You haven't felt anything like sting in your prostate.
by frankdadank March 19, 2009
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The next trend, similar to planking, except the actor puts a live bee-hive on his head and stands in public like an idiot long enough for one of his friends to take a picture.
Person A: "Why is that guy standing on the train with his arms to his side and a bee-hive on his head?"

Person B: "Oh he's just bee-hiving. He's amazing."
by beehivetillidie July 14, 2011
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