1. The most absolutely best band to ever live. I love them.
Wow, that band is pretty good, but their no bee gees.
by andrea March 19, 2005
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A 70's style blow job, done while listening to, or thinking of popular disco group.
While watching Saturday Night Fever last week, my girlfriend gave me a BeeGee.
by the Gypsies August 22, 2010
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Term used to describe one of the famous Gibb brothers, often said in excitment/shock when actually seeing one in the street. The extent of the shocked exclamation is often higher if it's Maurice Gibb who is spotted.
Look there's a real life Bee Gee! (as heard on Only Fools and Horses 'Miami twice' episode)

I saw a Bee Gee down the pub the other day and he was talking about miami while stroking his hair.
by Gibb Brother Lover December 04, 2007
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"bubbly guts" explosive diarrea feeling
Dang, I got the beegees yesterday at the library and I had to run to the toilet to let that stuff out.
by Sexy Mama 83 August 24, 2007
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That creaking, groaning, almost explosive movement of the stomach or bowels either due to a tense situation or pre-diarrhea stage due to something you ate or just having a shit filled situation.
Damn those White Castle sliders and prune juice for giving me the beegees!
by SEY January 24, 2008
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