The best group I've Ever Heard in my life.
The Bee Gees Are the best group for the song "Stayin alive"
by latino14 May 23, 2009
1. The most absolutely best band to ever live. I love them.
Wow, that band is pretty good, but their no bee gees.
by andrea March 19, 2005
Term used to describe one of the famous Gibb brothers, often said in excitment/shock when actually seeing one in the street. The extent of the shocked exclamation is often higher if it's Maurice Gibb who is spotted.
Look there's a real life Bee Gee! (as heard on Only Fools and Horses 'Miami twice' episode)

I saw a Bee Gee down the pub the other day and he was talking about miami while stroking his hair.
by Gibb Brother Lover December 4, 2007
Bee-Gee is a name of a smart independent woman/girl also a very good looking person. The name Bee-Gee is very special because not many people have that name. And also Bee-Gee is a very cool person to chill with. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Bee-Gee, Bee Gee, BG, Bee G
by TheTrueTalker December 10, 2019
A fetish-based sexual act whereupon a female straddles the abundant chest-hair of her partner and brings herself to climax.
"Danielle makes me wear gold, tight silk pants while doing the Bee Gee Boogie on me. Is that weird?"
by Royal Cunninglinguist Society January 30, 2009
The shortenered version of the popular game, "Player Unknowns Battle Grounds" spelled out phonetically
Yo guys wanna play Pee You Bee Gee?
by Doggocool November 24, 2018